Betting is something we do very easily and casually. We say few things, and to prove its genuineness we say, ‘we bet’ on them. Well, betting is so simple and easy, but not officially. Officially betting is more different. There is money involved in matters pertaining to sports, not something usual and gossip talks.

So, what’s this betting exactly? Is it same as gambling?

This is common doubt that all possess. Betting is waging your money, on the outcome of an event. Most often that event turns out to be sports. So, waging money on the winning team, or losing the team, or an efficient player will give the results. Betting and gambling are somewhat similar but are never the same. There is a slight difference in them. There are many types of betting websites(, based on the type of sports. There is also called as betting trends in the book. Do you know what they are? Well, we have known it and would love to share, come read and get to know!


This represents the ‘volume’ of wages or bets placed at one sportsbook or a bookshop; on one team versus another team in action. There is another term, known as betting percentages, referred to public betting trends. The betting data is drawn from a poll in various betting sportsbooks. These betting trends are one of the basic and fundamental tools for sports betting organisation. These trends are many times mistaken for positive or negative trends and thus betting continues accordingly, reducing the performance of the wagers and bookies. The data drawn for these trends differ from one to another sportsbook. The factors that matter are

A number of sportsbooks the data is collected from! More the shops, more the comparison and clear the picture

Higher the size of sportsbooks, larger and stronger will be the numbers obtained.

Reports about ‘public betting’, which explains how to win this kind of betting

There are wide benefits of using this betting trends data for your betting needs. Let’s see them

Handicappers use these trends data to find the value within the sportsbooks. Handicapping is taking advantage through scoring gave to equalise the chances of winning of wagers/punters.

They utilise this data and find and fetch the data to give to you, in order to make you win or lose.

Handicappers are the professionals in the handicapping process. These data allows you see the actual scenario of the scenes behind the bets. You will get detailed information about the line movements and which team gets more value over the period of time.

You can call this data as a guidebook. Once you understand the terminologies and know the game and betting rules, refereeing to this information will give you insights into which team has winning potential and losing ones.

Well, how can you utilise this data for your win? These 2 betting strategies use the betting trends data and give you a winning chance.

Betting against the Public

This strategy is pretty simple, as the name says, ‘go against the public’. So, if the majority of the public have placed a bet on the particular team, for a price or score, then you just need to go against them. Many companies are using this strategy. When there is too much load on the only single side of the team, the sportsbooks themselves move (actually forced to) move the line on the opposite side to reduce the risk on them. the huge inflow of public money makes the betting markets to act crazy, and that’s when you get a little 1 or 2 points higher than your regular bet. This has been followed since long by many companies all across the world.

Reverse Line

This is another strategy used in contradiction to the public betting. The method isn’t easy; it needs patience and swift movement from your end to taste success and emerge a winner. For example, you see a team scoring high against another team. But the lines are moving against them, here is the trick. Many ‘smart’ fellas have loaded on the other line and you would also want to join the line, by quickly searching the sportsbook offering that bet. This is reverse line movement. This is also getting successful in many countries, but you need to understand the concept clearly and then daringly play.