Being a sportsbook isn’t always easy! It needs constant up gradation and too many risks to be taken all at a time. There is a quote “Team means – Together Everyone Achieves More”, and we strongly believe in this. Without team efforts, we can’t accomplish all the tasks and we wouldn’t be at the place that we are today. We are always grateful to our employee fraternity and see that they are rewarded for their work. Our team are highly educated and are professionals in the true sense. Yet, we offer them training and sessions to stay on top in the business. Our guidelines are customer friendly and team friendly too. We believe that by over-burdening our employees, we fail in performance. Thus, we have enough folks to handle separate operations.

We are leading providers of sports information and all types of betting services. You name a sport and we have it. We have designed our products in such a way that all the bettors are benefitted by consistent betting. Apart from the regular work-related perks and offers, we also maintain certain tasks to ensure the safety and happiness of the team that supports us without a time schedule.

Health insurance

This is the prime important thing according to us. In such a risky business, we don’t want to add more risk by risking our staff health. Most of the things are covered under this plan and their family is taken care of. We care for them who care for us.

Vacation pays

Yes, you read it right. We offer our employee team with some amount to their vacation fund so that they spend time with their family happily and never come back disappointed. We offer a fixed amount, equal to all the employees because relationships bring back money to us.

Education help

We provide any kind of assistance needed to any of family members of our teammates, especially for education. We bring them to good colleges, via scholarships or any other schemes, we never leave them unassisted.